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София, България
Make 2024 the year you confidently speak English! I specialize in teaching people with academic and professional English goals. With a relaxed environment and role-playing taken from my Suggestopedic experience, I will help you achieve your goals. As a native American English speaker with CELTA certification, years of teaching experience, and a strong background in science, I will support your progress in conversational, business, and academic English.
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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Urbana, IL Physical Chemistry Магистър 2000
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Hi, I'm Jo! I am a CELTA-certified English teacher with years of experience teaching and editing English. As a native American English speaker with a strong background in science and experience working in a Fortune 500 company, I am uniquely well suited to teach technical, business, and academic English. Develop clear pronunciation, fluency in the situations want to focus on, and confidence speaking English!

I specialize in teaching adults and children with academic and professional goals that require the use of English. I can help you become more confident speaking English, refine your accent, prepare for Cambridge exams (e.g., IELTS), deliver strong business presentations in English, and make English your own. Using games, a relaxed environment, and role-playing taken from my Suggestopedic experience, I will help you improve your skills and confidence in the English language and achieve your goals.

Preparation for job interviews and conference presentations in English is a specialty! I also offer editing, particularly for academic papers, theses, and journal articles.

I also offer science in English for children (generally ages 11 to 16), with hands-on experiments and a unique set of English vocabulary that will help them stand out from the crowd!


Most sessions are online, via Viber or Skype. In-person meetings can be arranged, depending on schedule and distance. Please message or call for a free consultation. I look forward to meeting you!

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