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Hershey Concepcion Учител

ул. „Фридрих Грюнангер“ , 1632 София, България map
0876 885 433
Most people do not understand how easy and interesting learning a new language can be. My goal is to teach English in an easy and a straightforward manner. In this way, the students would reach their full potential.
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Език на преподаване:
Английски език
Имам стаж:
от 5 до 10 години
Профилът е:
Прегледан: 79 пъти
Посетители: 67
Последно онлайн: 19.03.20
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25 лв.
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I am Hershey from the Philippines, currently living in Sofia. I've taught English to youths and adults alike, during my volunteer as an English Instructional Manager for Alternative Learning System.


As a non-native speaker, I very well understand the challenges and struggles one faces in learning English as a secondary language. This has helped me devise a more practical approach to make learning English less intimidating, more relevant, and even fun! I have a degree in AB Mass Communication and a Post Baccalaureate Degree in Teaching major in English and have been working in international corporate environments abroad. My experiences have helped me understand the importance of being able to communicate effectively in a commonly spoken language. English, being considered widely as the universal language, allows for a broader room to explore and could subsequently open doors to greater potentials both in your professional and personal growth. Let today be your Day One to study with me. It's never too late to start learning English!

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