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RECOMMENDATION From LIDIA OSHAVKOVA Flute Professor at State Conservatory of Music "Pancho Vladigerov’", Sofia, Bulgaria. Former principal flute in Sofia, Philharmoni.
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Национална музикална академия "Професор Панчо Владигеров" София Флейта Магистър 2004
Национално музикално училище "Любомир Пипков" София Флейта Гимназия 2000
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Yulian B. М.



Date of birth 21 December 1981, Sofia City, Bulgaria.


I was born in 21 December 1981 at Sofia City, Bulgaria.

My first touch with the world of the music was at six years age, when unassisted I began playing to an accordion tunes and themes from the Bulgarian National folk music, as well to improvise over a tunes from the film music and jazz pieces,that I like very much.

My purposeful studies with a flute I began at eight years age as I was fortunate to study with the best Bulgarian teachers, who was also great artists and musicians.

My first flute teacher was Boyan Burnev former principal flute at the Orchestra of the Sofia State Musical Theater and flute teacher in the Lubomir Pipkov National School of Music, Sofia , who set a stable background to my further development. The second teacher, who revealed my musical talent and formed my musical qualities was Georgi Torbov, one of the most eminent Bulgarian theoreticians and solfeggio teachers, author of many textbooks, collections and musical studies. Up to fourteen years I studied in a School of General Education where I acquired a wide range of knowledges and a rich general culture as parallel with this I attended a private lessons at the above teachers. Further my professional development continue when in 1995 year I took an competitive examination and was accepted with distinction for the student in the Lubomir Pipkov National School of Music, Sofia in the flute speciality in the class of Stiliana Stavreva, Chair of the Woodwind Department, former principal flute at the National Opera Orchestra Sofia and follower of the French Flute style, who acquainted me with the rich Baroque, Classical and Romantic repertoire, as well works from great Bulgarian composers, moreover she worked with everyone of her students on individual program, in order to be able to develop ourt potential to the highest degree.


At a time of my five years at the National School of Music till 2000 years, I have participated in many performances ,concerts and a solo recitals with a different ensembles like with the wind orchestra and other eensembles mostly with a wind instruments, also a solo recitals with piano one per semester, concerts with the School Symphony Orchestra where I played principal flute, as well as recordings in the First Studio of Bulgarian National Radio with included flute ensembles and solo program in addition to participations in a three issues to the Bulgarian Young Musical Talents Competition. In the end of my study in the Musical School the true chance for me as a young flutist was to get into the class to the most renowned Bulgarian Flute Professor Lidia Oshavkova, who is amongst the most distinguished Professors in East, South-East and Central Europe, former principal flute at the Sofia Philharmonic and a member of the European Flute Association, follower to the French style, and who has worked with Jean-Pierre Rampal and Alain Marion.


In 2000, at nineteen I was accepted in her Pancho Vladigerov Flute Studio at the State Conservatory of Music Sofia, which I completed in 2004 years with Bachelor Degree. During my studies there I participated in a different master classes and seminars by great flutists like Professor Andrash Adorian, Professor Volfgang Schulz principal flute at the Vienna Philharmonic and teacher at the University for Music and Fine Arts, Vienna, as well I have completed three master classes on jazz improvization by the world-renowned Bulgarian jazz pianist, composer and arranger Milcho Leviev, Professor at University of South California Thornton School of Music and master class on chamber music at the famous Bulgarian Eolina Quartet. Likewise I have two awards in the Nikola Stefanov Eight International Competition for Duos flute and piano(harp), Sofia ,special award of the Student Union and second prize of the jury. I have taken part in a different programs with French and German music at their Cultural Centers and one solo recital per semester with different repertoire performances with Conservatory wind ensembles and the Academic Symphony Orchestra as a principal flute. In conclusion I have got invitations for different graduate degrees and very high evaluation for my playing from the world-renowned Professor Jeanne Baxtresser (for Artist Diploma) former principal flute at the New York Philharmonic and teacher at Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, Pensilvanya, after that from Professor Paula Robison New England Conservatory,Boston,Professor Michel Debost Oberlin Conservatory ,Ohio,Professor Robert Langevin present principal flute at the New York Philharmonic, Professor Bradley Garner College-Conservatory Cincinnatti and Julliard School, Professor Jeffrey Khanner Julliard School,invitation for the summer class to Professor Carlo Jans Luxemburg Conservatory, invitation to the Summer Flute Academy to Emily Baynon principal flute at the Royal Concertgebow Orchestra, Amsterdam and a member in the jury to the Rampal International Flute Competition invitation from Professor Katherine Kemler Louisiana State University Baton Rouge to Oxford Summer School in England, as well from Professor Phillippe Bernold for Master Degree at the Lyon Conservatory and Chair to Rampal Flute Competition. Invitations to Principal Flute Auditions from: Orchestre de la Suisse Romande Geneve,Swiss,Royal Flemish Philharmonic- Defilharmonie, Brussels, Belgium, Barcelona Symphony Orchestra, Spain, Seattle Symphony Orchestra, Columbus Symphony Orchestra, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Stockholm, Goteborgs Opera.

Yulian М. ..

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RECOMMENDATION From LIDIA OSHAVKOVA, Flute Professor at State Conservatory of Music "Pancho Vladigerov" Sofia, Bulgaria Former principal flute in Sofia Philharmonic.

To all whom it may concern:

I have been Julian М.’s teacher for over four years.

During his education at State Conservatory of Music, he had taken parts at many concerts and performances too. His quite large repertoire, range over different kind of music from the baroque style, classical music, music from romantic period and modern music. He has attained proficiency in lots of flute technique. Julian’s sound is unique so pure and clear with perfect intonation having in mind that he has absolute hearing harmonic and melodic which gives him wide capabilities for development in his future career. I have to say, that he has that fine sinse of phrase, stroke and dynamical nuances who separate the professional musician from the amateur. Julian М. is exceptional musician with unusual talent. He graduated State Conservatory of Music with excellent marks and he got a Bachelor degree.


Prof. Lidia Oshavkova




RECOMMENDATION from PETKO RADEV, Clarinet Professor at Sofia State Conservatory of Music, former principal clarinetist in Sofia Philharmonic and Opera Theater La Scala Milan,Italy

I have excellent impressions from his playing,I had listened him to the entrance examination for the conservatory in July,2000, as a member of the woodwind faculty, besides to the annual exam in the end of academic year. Apparent talent with wide interests in the music, he posses elegant sensibility of the interpretation.

In my sight he has all qualities for successful career.

With respect,

Prof. Petko Radev

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